What would you like to see here? Our survey said…

And our survey said...

A big thank you to everyone who proposed names for the blog, rated options and gave suggestions for posts. It was really helpful, thank you.

I though you might be interested in what a friend (who’s a donor – not a fundraiser) had to say,

Insights into what charities really do with our donations! …I did use to donate monthly to WWF until I received a call asking if I could increase my donation. I said I would consider it but never agreed to it, however I then received a letter thanking me… I cancelled my Direct Debits and took my donations elsewhere..”

Well well…good customer service and ‘tell me what my money is really doing’. Any surprises?

If you’d like to see posts on donor insight that are more surprising than this, please follow the blog (buttons on the right).

I hope you enjoy the blog. Do drop me a line with any feedback or ideas!

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