Top 7 Recruitment Insights

click just announced their list of top insights from online conversion experts. I spotted some that are so true of donor recruitment.

Have you been in meetings where one of these gems is exactly what you needed to say?

1. ‘What you prefer or what your designer prefers doesn’t matter if it’s not getting you conversions’

Naomi Niles

2. ‘I don’t care much for Best Practice – I care about conversions. That’s why I test’

Michael Aagaard

3. ‘Remove images and interactive rich-media content unless it directly supports your conversion goal and is a clearly superior way of conveying important information. Bland landing pages are often the best converting ones.’

Tim Ash

4. ‘User don’t care about you, they care about themselves and solutions to their problems. Write copy accordingly.’

Peep Laja

5. ‘Start testing and stop arguing.’

Jon Correll

6. ‘The best design isn’t the one that makes your company look cool and edgy and sophisticated. It’s the design that supports conversion, has room for good copy and powerful calls to action that make people click the big orange button.’

Brian Massey

7. ‘As hard as it is to break out of ‘brand guidelines’ or test a colour that the CEO hates, you have to do it. The boss will understand when conversions go through the roof.’

Jen Gordon

Test, test and test again. Which is your favourite? Which are you most likely to use in a meeting at your work:

Here’s the full list of Top 20 Conversion Insights from

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