YMCA 1896 Capital Appeal Pack

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YMCA 1896 Cold Pack

Y.M.C.A  New Building.

Dear Sir,
   In asking your hearty co-operation in the great effort of 
erecting a building worthy of the Y.M.C.A. and which shall be fit 
to all its requirement, we enclose herewith a purse and collection 
card together with some circulars – so that you are now equipped for 
the work of collecting a sum (which we trust will not be less than 
£5) to be placed on the memorial stone which is to be laid by the 
Attorney-General (Sir Richard Webster) on Wednesday Nov. 4th. 1896.

   Please note 1st.- We have written on your card the names of a 
few persons on whom you might call.

   2nd.- We hope you will apply to all your relatives and friends 
personally or by letter.

   3rd.- In seeking a donation to the building fund will you 
please help in securing Annual Subscriptions of from 5/- to 20/- 

   Those who show their sympathy by a donation to the Building 
Fund are the most likely to help the work with an Annual Subscription.

   4th.- Please bear in mind that the Y.M.C.A. is the only 
Christian Club for the large number of young men who have left 
their homes in the country or country towns and who are now 
in lodgings or in houses of business in this city – the metropolis 
of the North.

   In helping to erect this splendid new Y.M.C.A.  Building you 
are not only helping yourselves but also future generations of 
young men.

   Please keep in mind that the carrying out of this scheme is 
Christian Work and let us go about it in the spirit of prayer 
bering that “Except the Lord build the house they labour in vain 
that build it”

   Wishing you every success in this work and trusting that you 
will have every reason for thankfulness that you ever helped.

   We are,
      Yours faithfully,

                W.H. Stephenson President
                T.H. Bainbridge Deputy President
                H. Armstrong Secretary